Buttons & Beans Co.

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Handmade Crochet Apparel and Accessories for Babies, Kids and Adults. Creating practical and trendy pieces from hats and scarves, to headbands and cardigans or home decor items to bring the perfect touch of texture and functionality to your space. Supplying Faux fur pompoms and fake fur fabric to the maker community.

Made in Canada using in house designs and patterns in the gateway to the Canadian Rockies since 2016.





My name is Lindy and this is my whole world, my family, my hubby and my girls!

I'm the proud mama of these two beautiful little girls who inspire me daily, I'm the wife to a super supportive guy that I've been with for 16 years and we have a kitty we rescued 8 years ago.

I've been crocheting since 2011 and when I was on mat leave with my first daughter in 2016 I decided to take the leap and fulfill my life long dream of owning my own business selling my handmade items.

My new role as a mama inspired me to make cute and practical pieces that could be enjoyed by the whole family and most importantly withstand the wear and tear small kiddos subject their clothing too to make these into heirloom quality items.

This journey has turned into so much more than a creative outlet and a means to pay the bills. There have been so many more amazing things that have come from this small shop than i could have ever imagined.

I've met more wonderful people in this amazing small shop community than I could have ever dreamed of both customers and other makers/owners and for that alone I will be forever grateful. This journey has followed and helped me through some of my darkest and happiest days and will always hold a huge piece of my heart and soul. Because of this I am committed to supporting others, contributing to amazing projects via donations and endorsement. Thanks to all of your purchases this remains fees-able and continues to expand. Sustainability is my next commitment to continue to transition to using more environmentally conscious packaging and material. You have all helped to make this possible!


Thank you for supporting my small shop and for helping me support my family!


Lindy xx


Creating practical and cozy crochet accessories and apparel for everyone in the family, from hats and scarves, to headbands and cardigans. Cozy and comfortable knit and crochet pieces that are made to last. Faux fur Fabric, Pompom kits for indivudual and wholesale. All items are ethically handmade with care in Calgary, Alberta, Canada from in house patterns and designs.